Thursday, April 17, 2008

A wild and crazy guy

For all of you that like the wild and crazy guys I've got a new creation to show you. He is a woodland spirt of some sort. I think he has been hiding in the bushes and under bridges too long. I've seen lots of images that are similar to this and decided I finally needed to put one in porcelain. He is made of colored porcelains and all hand built. He is mostly light and dark brown colors. I think he is cute in a wild and crazy sort of way. For some reason this sort of thing really appeals to me. He is another of the new pieces I am trying to get done for the Phoenix Bead Expo which is May 2-4 here in Phoenix. You can get more information about the Bead Expo on my website Amazing Porcelain in the calendar section. I would love to hear what you think about him.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

New Flower Fairy

Ok Back again finally. Been really busy, no excuse I know but that is really all I had to say over the last few months it seems. Nothing interesting to post about. Well today and yesterday I finally got to do something fun. Well mostly today. Yesterday got ate up assembling all the necessary tools, materials etc. So today mostly I built a flower fairy pendant. The fairy itself is cast but the clothing, wings, and the flower its sitting in are all hand formed. It is made out of colored porcelains and hasn't been fired yet so the colors are not real apparent. I will paint her face and probably add some details here and there after it is fired. They take quite awhile to build so the price will not be cheap probably $50-75, so I'd really love to hear back from everyone on how you like her and if you think these are a good idea or am I wasting my time. If I get a good response I'm going to try to have at least a couple of them at the Phoenix Bead Expo next month. Thanks for looking and your comments.