Monday, November 30, 2009

Native American Pottery Time

Hello everyone, time for my monthly post.  It seems that is about as frequently as I can manage to post.

Big News to report though.  I have been accepted to the Heard Indian Market this year in the category of Pottery.   This is very exciting for me.  I've tried to get into this show several times without success.  This time I submitted in both jewelry and pottery and was accepted for pottery.  Now this is wonderful except for one tiny detail.  I have no pots.  I do have two months before the show, however, so guess what I'll be doing for the next two months.  You guessed it, making Native pots.

I've already been working at it.  The photo to the right is the first of my native pots.  It is unfired in this photo.  The photo shows you the pot from the side, front, and back so you can see the whole thing.  As usual for me this is a small pot he is only 3 inches tall, big for me.  He is a replica in miniature of an urn found in one of the moundbuilder archeological digs.   I would be happy to hear what you think of him.