Monday, March 30, 2009

Pit Fired

Well after months of intending to pit fire a group of Native American pieces that I had done over a year ago, I finally did it and actually got them pit fired. There were a combination of miniature pots made in the style of the ancient mound builders of the late Woodland and Mississippian periods. These tiny pots are all hand built, hand burnished, and then pit fired. The two tallest pots in the back are just 1.5 inches tall.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Still Alive Here

Well the hectic month of February is finally over and things are beginning to settle down just a bit. February was a great month. My good friend Vladislav was here from Bulgaria for most of the month. He came over again to do the Big Tucson Bead Show. We were at the Manning House Bead Show again and it went well. Even with the slow economy and the effects of the show splitting last year it turned out to be a good show. There was plenty of room for people to browse and tables and chairs available for them to sit down and take a break to regain the energy to continue shopping. I think this was a big plus for the show. So many times at a show you get so exhausted walking around shopping and there is usually no place to rest so you end up leaving the show or rushing through it. Many people were taking advantage of the places available to rest and relax. We will be returning to the Manning House again next year in anticipation of another great show filled with lots and lots of interesting artists. If you are interested in the great art beads and don't want to have to wade through a bunch of other stuff to see them be sure to put the Manning House Bead show on your list of places to visit in Tucson next year. We will be looking forward to seeing you there.

Now back to getting it out there. After encouragement from many people I have decided to open an Etsy Shop. I will be putting in a variety of things many of which will not be on my regular website. So for a look at some different things come have a look at my etsy shop. Amazing Porcelain Etsy