Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year

Hello everyone and a very Happy New Year.  I hope you all had wonderful holiday seasons filled with family and friends and lots of good activities to remember.

Looking forward into 2010 it is looking like a great year from here.  I've been busy working on the Native pottery for the Heard Show which is a show I've tried to get into several times without success but now for 2010 I am in the show.  I think sales maybe picking up a bit as well which is always a good thing.  I hope the rest of you have wonderful things to look forward to in this new year as well.  I have finally put up some new photos of the finished pieces of Native pottery in the gallery on my Native American website at  I've posted one of my favorite pieces here but do go have a look at the other terracotta pieces on the website.  This is a water bottle reproduction.  In the book it is listed as an owl but I really think it is a parrot.  The shape of the head and the beak are just not right for an owl.  In the southeast where these pots originated there are many small native parrots, so I am pretty sure it is a parrot.  I think this piece came out exceptionally good and I am very pleased with it.

I am now working on porcelain murrinis which I plan to fire the samples of today.  I usually cut off the ends for a sample of the design and fire them up separately for reference on the colors and design.  I hope to start making pots using the murrini this coming week.