Monday, August 25, 2008

What's New

With a show coming up in less than two weeks I'm madly working to get some new things ready for the show. One thing I'm doing are some 'porcelain canvass' paintings. Porcelain canvass are very thin, very white industrial strength porcelain. Although these are now somewhat difficult to find they used to be easy to get at china painting shows. They come in a variety of sizes and are sold for painting portraits and scenes on for framing as they are much thinner than a tile. They are very translucent and lovely to paint on. I have managed to cut some down to sizes that will be suitable for pendants and I'm painting some oriental designs an some fairies on some. I think these will be wonderful for pendants with PMC frames made around them. I should have some of the paintings finished in a day or two and will post some photos then.

So I'll be in Tucson September 5,6,7 at the Fall Best Bead Show. I will have the paintings available for sale at the show so stop by and see me. I'll be in booth 69 just across from the registration table.


  1. Come on Marsha - You've got great stuff and good posts so.....more pics and more posting please. I think I have some of those sugar babies from some time ago. Have you ever done a show maybe in Ohio or toward the Midwest?

  2. I've been selling snowbabies for about 15 years. Not as beads just as snowbabies. Last year was the first year for them as beads. But I used to do miniature shows in the midwest until I moved to Phoenix and it was just too far to drive for the $ returned for the shows so I don't do that anymore. I still have a couple of dealers that do shows in the midwest and Ohio and even Philadelphia (miniatures shows) that also carry snowbabies when I have some for them.

    I have never done a show in Ohio, Indiana was the farthest east I've gone for a show. But it is entirely possible that you have some of the snowbabies.

    Thanks for the comment on my stuff. I'm glad you like it. I'll try to do better on the posting. I do hope to post some photos of the little porcelain canvass' I've been working on sometime this week.

  3. It could have been Indiana...An ODC show? And they were made as ornaments?, maybe, I think. My husband does wooden children's toys and we have traveled to shows all over the place for over 27 years. Anyway, your artwork is wonderful whether it's a bead or not! So detailed and magical...keep posting and creating.