Sunday, October 25, 2009

Welcome to the Open Studio Blog Event

Hello Everyone and welcome to the Open Studio Blog Event.  During this event and until midnight tonight I am offering a 25% discount on any purchase (product only not including shipping) from either my Etsy Shop or the Bead Shop on my website or the Jewelry Shop on my website As both Etsy and my website utilize paypal I will refund the 25% when I process and ship your order.  Just leave 'instructions to the seller' on paypal when you check out and say 'BOC Blog Event'

I am primarily a porcelain artist, however, I do some PMC (precious metal clay) work, some wire wrapping, and I've also done silver smithing, silver casting, and copper enameling in the past.  I like a variety of styles, materials, and processes and my work reflects that.  I've been a porcelain artist for the past 20+ years.  I am continually trying new things, combining processes, techniques, and ideas in an attempt to keep it all fresh and interesting not only for my potential customer but for myself.  I enjoy the variety that porcelain offers me.  I enjoy fine detail and creating things that wow people.  My biggest inspirations come from antique porcelain, ceramics, jewelry, and designs.  I really love the Art Nouveau period's flow of design and smooth sensuous lines.  I love the Victorian era's glitz, romance, and floral designs.  I love to combine those aspects and create new products with a taste of the old.  Most recently I've been doing some whimsical beads with elves, fairies and other fantasy type themes.  Here are a couple of examples of the latest porcelain beads.  The one at the top is an example of one of the whimsical designs it is titled 'Sometimes the Dragon Wins'  The idea came from an old cartoon that I have loved for years.  If you look closely you will see the bones and armor of the poor knight that met this dragon on the day the dragon won.  The dragon is picking his teeth with the knights lance.  And the fate of the poor knight hardly needs more explanation.  The second bead has a design that was inspired by Roseville pottery.  These beads are available in my Bead Shop on my website.

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