Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Kumihimo Slider Necklace

Today I have another example of a necklace utilizing the New Porcelain Slide and Cone sets available in my Bead Shop I have designed these new slides and cones for use with kumihimo, viking knits, beaded cords and other cord type necklaces. 

This lovely necklace was made by Linda Roberts of Beads Forever on Etsy.

The previous examples showed the slides with bead woven ropes. This necklace, however,  utilizes a beaded kumihimo cord with the frilly fibers showing throughout.  This gives the cord some added interest and shows you how they work well with the kumihimo.  This elegant necklace is finished off with a lovely green crystal drop from the small leafy slider.  Such an easy to make but elegant necklace.  This is a perfect combination for some of your holiday gift projects.  The kumihimo cords work up quickly and the necklace ends up very elegant.  Wouldn't this one look great at a holiday party?  I think this is yet another beautiful example of what you can do with these slider and cone sets.  Please view Small Leafy Slide Necklace in the gallery on my website to see more photos of this necklace including shots of the whole necklace showing the cones.


  1. And there are matching leafy end caps too! Thanks Marsha - it was fun to work with your beautiful porcelain set!

  2. Thanks Linda. Glad you liked it. The photos with the ends can be seen in the Gallery entry over on the website. http://amazingporcelain.com/gallery.php?pg=dx1x1885 You did a great job I really like the little fibers in the cord too.