Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Crystal and Blue almost icy

Finally I got the time to actually make up one of my new Slide sets myself.  This one is the one I call Fancy.  I just love the design on this set.  This set as well as a couple of the others in the collection were created using architectural accents as a starting point.  As is frequently the case when developing new designs and ideas a few adjustments must be made.  Currently I am in the process of refining and re-shaping some of the cone ends for these sets to give a greater variety which will better accommodate more types of cords.  I may also make somewhat smaller holes in the slides available as and option.  These refinements will serve to make the collection much more versatile.

The pale blue with palladium accents really gives this one a sparkly icy winter look to it I think.  I used a variety of strands for the Kumihimo braid on this one.

I used a 'silver yarn', blue and white braiding cords and 4 strands with 4 different types of beads for a total of 10 strands. 

I used two types of large 'e' beads or size 6 in pale blue and a clear silver lined.  Also some small round silver beads and clear silver lined seed beads.

I was quite pleased with the look this combination gave me.  I added a large clear crystal to the bottom of the slide completing the icy look.

This style of slide is available in my Bead Shop Currently in the 'NEW' category.

And Don't Forget that EVERYTHING in the Bead Shop is on SALE at 25% through Christmas.


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