Sunday, November 12, 2006

Flower Cones

flower bead cones
Hello everyone. Yes its been forever. Been working hard on getting some new things done and putting some new ideas into porcelain. Here is one of the things I came up with to add a little bit of interest and dimension to those multi strand necklaces that are so popular these days. Every one has seen the pretty silver cones but they are not terribly flashy and are mostly just findings to connect the strands into one. Very functional but they don't really add any pizazz to the design, at least that is how I look at them. I've seen filigree ones and shiny plain ones I've seen lots but I've never seen one that really adds some punch to the design. So I decided that I would try and come up with some that are in and of themselves design elements and really add some punch to the design. The first ones that I am presenting here today are flower shaped. As you can see in the photo the idea is to place them at about collar bone level or a bit lower and to continue on above them with a single strand. I will add another more abstract looking one another day. I would love to hear your reactions to these.


  1. Very nice Marsha!
    I will be attending the show, see you then!

    Marilyn in Scottsdale

  2. Marsha this is stunningly beautiful. You are such a creative person. Congratulations on a piece so lovely.

  3. I still think these are beautiful & unique and have a huge marketing potential!!