Tuesday, November 14, 2006


These two items are examples of my new 'Organics' line. This is only two of the rather simple shapes that I have come up with for this line. Also included are some leaf shapes with little tendrils, shell shapes, flower shapes, and some more abstract shapes. The idea with the organics is that the designer who buys the item would include beads, a wire wrapped stone or some other object inside the 'Organic' component. These two are shown with a very simple inclusion of a stone or a few beads just to give you the idea. The 'Organic' is designed to be a sort of frame to set off a special stone, bead, charm, etc. and as such each comes with holes to attach the special piece. I can envision them with added wire spirals and curls or interesting groupings of crystals. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the designer. These are designed to add a focal point and greater interest to an otherwise simple design. A jumping off point to take a design to a higher level and give it more shape and interest than simple beads or stones alone. I hope you are as excited about the possibilities as I am.


  1. Another wonderful innovative piece of jewellery by you Marsha. You are definitely a creative thinker. I admire the way you keep coming up with these wonderful ideas. Congratulations.

  2. Marsha what a beautiful array of Miniature Apothecary Jars you have created. LOVE them.. I hope you continue to make other great miniature containers.. :)

    Miniature Collectors Club