Thursday, June 18, 2009

Green Dragon

Announcing new cabs. This is the first of the sample pieces made from my new cabs. These new cabs will be available on my website in the very near future. They will feature a variety of design styles and themes. I am open to any suggestions for designs that you would like to see on these cabs. They are all hand painted, however, I have transferred the design outlines on most of them which allows me to offer you a beautiful hand painted cab for much less than if I were to hand draw the design. Hand drawing the complicated designs can take anywhere from 2-4 hours or more depending on the design. By transferring the computer aided design I can reduce the time required to complete the piece. Each design is carefully hand painted with china paints after the design has been transferred. Shading and multiple layers of color are added just as they would be if I had not transferred the design. All of the colors and highlights (this particular cab has gold highlights) are durable fired on colors.

This wonderful necklace is the work of Christine Neit of Good Quill Hunting and is available for sale from her. I think she has done a magnificent job on this piece. The beads and stones she chose to use in this piece compliment the cab wonderfully and shows exactly what I was looking for, that combining porcelain, stones and beads make for a wonderful piece of jewelry.


  1. Beautiful work as always! Glad to see you are blogging more.

  2. Just adore this cab - beautiful work. Jax