Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Big Fat Momma

Ok so she is not really 'Big Fat Momma' She is known as the 'Old Woman who never dies', but I call her my Big Fat Momma because she is huge for me. Any of you that know me know that I do tiny things. But I figured for the Heard Show it would be good to have a variety of sizes and types of pottery. This is the largest pot I've done in ages I've left the work table background so you can see just how big she is. She isn't quite done in this photo I still need to work on the burnish a bit and put her tattoos on her. I am pleased with how she has come out. I find it amusing that this form is identified as an old woman. I'll let you guess why. I'll just say that some of the features are just not typical of an old woman and let you figure out the rest.  Another thing I find interesting about this form is the fact that although she is very fat she has this backbone showing.  Almost like a dragon spine down her back.


  1. She is WONDERFUL! I can hear her laugh and feel how warm she is - what a joy she'll be in someone's home.