Sunday, December 06, 2009

Tempe Art Festival

Yesterday I attended the Tempe Art Festival Winter edition. There seemed to be a pretty good crowd there. I saw lots of pretty beaded things. One gal that had lots of peyote and had some that was ruffled that was really pretty and sort of unusual. There were at least three or four bead embroidery people. Their offerings varied from simple beaded cabs to elaborate embroidered neck pieces. One lady had some really nice crocheted wire and bead things. She had purses, headbands, necklaces, barrettes, etc. With delicate crocheted and beaded flowers. Lots of work there.

There were lots of silver jewelry people some that were forged, some with original castings some that were apparently pmc. There was a guy there from Hawaii, he was probably freezing his patooti off, that had some interesting organic vines, flowers an various delicate cast shapes. One lady had all sorts of jewelry with little sayings and words on it. One that caught my eye was a simple metal plate with a cross stitched square that said 'a stitch in time saves 9' around the edge. Also several variations on pottery.

One guy had some fabulous crystal glazed pottery. One booth with some very interesting gourds. Lots of glass. Overall it was a lovely show with a nice mix of interesting art. The weather ended up not too terrible as it warmed up toward noon. I had a good time but in the end I was sort of glad that I missed the deadline to get into that show I would have been freezing standing in a booth. Kim who I had gone down to see specifically looked a bit cold and said she was cold the day before too. But she reported that her sales were pretty good and that is always a good thing to hear.

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