Saturday, July 01, 2006

Making a two piece mold part 4

The mold is now ready to place the acrylic sides on and seal it shut. The photo on the left at the top shows the outside of the mold with the acrylic pieces held in place with clay pressed into the corners and against the mold board and the acrylic at the bottom. When doing this insure that the acrylic pieces are standing vertically not tilted in or out.

The second photo from the top shows the sealing of the edge of the clay on the inside of the mold against the acrylic. The third photo shows the sealing of the inside corners.

The bottom photo shows a mold sealed and ready to go. Be sure that you carefully seal all of the edges in this step or when you pour the plaster over the mold it is likely to leak out. When it does it usually fills in the grooves on your mold board. This is difficult to clean out and makes a big mess.

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